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Spotlight on Local Projects

Mississippi and New Orleans after the Storm

Thanks to the tenacity of the local communities, your concern and commitment and generous support by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, a new vision is being actualized for our babies and their families.







Introducing STAR.Health Birthing Project:
Footsteps to Freedom
The 100th stop on the Underground Railroad for New Life!

Alice Rogers - Johnson


“I have heard the stories and I have seen the
struggles of our black women here including
my own kin. So many of us feel hopeless.
The ideals of the Birthing Project and saving
our own selves appeal to my heart and soul.
We are a poor people here, but we know how
to be poor. What we struggle with is how to
overcome our obstacles. There are people in
our community who are very knowledgeable
about how to change, and I like the idea of
provoking them to help their sister.”

-Alice Rogers-Johnson,
Local Coordinator

Alice Rogers-Johnson


STAR.Health Footsteps to Freedom team

Little Sisters


The slogan,
FREEDOM" came from
an old slave map. It was
a depiction of the
footsteps foreparents
took to get to freedom…”



Little Sisters Padgit Williamson, Elmer Johnson,
Dominique Toney, and Jasmine Griffin with
Birthing Project founder Kathryn Hall-Trujillo.



“…our community
has to first take baby steps, then individual steps and help our women to see what is
hidden in plain sight, so that they can know what steps to
take just like the slaves had to do to escape their way of
life and move on
toward freedom.”

Arkansas Department of Health Maternal and Child
Health Southeast Region and Central Region
Jan Turner,
PaKent Care Manager, Southeast Region Kathryn Hall-
Trujillo, Founder, Birthing Project, USA Dena Poteet,
Regional Manager, Southeast Region Zenobia Harris,
State Coordinator, Birthing Project


STAR.Health Birthing Project is the newest chapter of a
12-year-long history of Birthing Projects in Arkansas.
For More Information on Birthing Projects in Arkansas,

Zenobia Harris

Zenobia Harris, MPH, RNP, PhD. State Coordinator
PO Box 30824
Little Rock, AR 72260
Grant County Birthing Project Vivian Purifoy
Local Coordinator Grant County

Grant County Birthing Project   Longley Baptist Church Birthing Project   STAR Health Birthing Project

Grant County
Birthing Project

Vivian Purifoy
Local Coordinator
Grant County Health Unit
700 East Center Street
Sheridan, AR 72150


Longley Baptist Church
Birthing Project

Bobbie Ficklin
Bunch Manager
9900 Geyer Springs Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72209


Birthing Project

Ruby Johnson
Bunch Manager
Alice Rogers-Johnson
Local Coordinator
Chicot County Health Unit
1742 Highway 65 & 82
South Lake Village, AR 71653



Malawi Corn Project

Last year mothers in a village in Malawi went to a meeting about preschool for their children.  Lunch was donated but the women decided that next year they wanted to provide their own food.  They approached the village chief and he gave them 2 acres to plant and with fifty dollars, they bought seeds and planted.  Birthing Project monetary donations have provided more seeds for this sustainable agriculture project.  Birthing Project USA is proud of these mothers who have taken their future into their own hands.

Lois Silo, Malawi Birthing Project Director

Fort Worth Birthing Project
Kim Parris-Perkins, ED

Fort Worth Birthing Project
Auntie Tias Surpass all Expectations



Join us in saying “Job Well Done” to Fort Worth-Dallas Birthing Project.  Under the leadership of Kim Parish Perkins, they served their community for 12 years. 

Thank you!
Kim Parish Perkins
Executive Director


Oldest Birthing Project kids welcome youngest member

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